How Do They Come Up With These Names???

My clients love to ask me, “How do they come up with the names of the nail polish?”  Well here are some excerps of an article on that subject from NAILS Magazine May 2005…

At Essie Cosmetics, Essie Weingarten and her team come up with six new polish shades every 90 days.  “Clients always want to see something new,” she explains.  Her team comes up with a theme for the collection and she comes up with the innovative polish names.  “We let the colors dictate where we’re going (with the theme).  It can be a city, musical instruments or flowers,” she says.

Over at CND (Creative Nail Design), they work on the company’s collections at least a year in advance!  They’ve worked on as many as four collections at once!!!  Their director of marketing, retail brands, says that fashion plays a key role in what each color collection will be like.  “Whatever the styles, fabrics and colors that are going to be popular or designers are showing help dictate our collections,” she says.

At OPI, their collections begin with a map and a vivid imagination!  First an exotic geographic location is selected that captures the season and spirit of the collection.  Then the shades are chosen.  These shades must capture the essence of the region, as well as the time of year.  OPI employees are invited to help come up with names for the shades.   As many as 500 polish names are added to a list.  A small group of people then decide on the final names!

The marketing assistant for China Glaze says she’s always looking for ideas to inspire her.  “We’re inspired by fashion trends, movies, maybe an article we read.  We probably work six months to a year in advance…it’s an ever-evolving process.”


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