Keep Your Polish On For More Than a Couple Days!

So you just got your nails done (at home or at a salon), and you want to make sure they last as long as possible!  Who doesn’t want this!!!  Well here are a couple ‘tips’ to help you prolong your manicure…

ALWAYS use gloves when you’re hands will be in water for a length of time and DEFINITELY when using any cleaning products!  Your nails are porous and absorb water.  This causes them to expand or puff up until they dry out.  The nail polish/acrylic/gel product on your nails does NOT expand along with your nails!  With the expanding and contracting of your nails taking place, the polish hardly has a chance to survive.  This leads to chipping/peeling/cracking of the polish and lifting of the acrylic/gel products.  Moral of the story…USE GLOVES!  🙂

When polishing your nails yourself, always ‘cap’ the free edge!  This procedure is done with acrylic and gel nails too.  Don’t just stop at the free edge with your base coat, polish and top coat, bring it around the tip.  This will help to keep your manicure lasting longer without chipping or wearing on the tips!

One last tip for the day…Add another coat of your favorite top coat either the day after your initially polished them or the day after.  This will help to ‘reseal’ the polish if it’s already starting to wear away on the tips of the free edge!

Be on the lookout for more ‘Nail Tips’…


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