Feeling Blue on a Wall of Color

Right now I’m happily having a pedicure by my co-worker, Vanessa.  But thanks are actually due to my client who canceled on me at the last minute! 😉 Now if you are in the salon world, you are well aware that YOU are the last one to have your services done.  That being said…I was well overdue!  Of course the hard part is always picking out the perfect color that I will be able to live with for the next month (if not longer).


As you can see there are too many options, and the pic above only depicts 2 racks out of the 3 in the salon.  And I can’t forget the fall OPI collection titled San Francisco!  I usually pick one of CND’s Vinylux colors because they stay on soooo well, but today I am torn between 4 shades from the OPI San Francisco collection…


(From left to right) Incognito In Sausalito, Keeping Suzi at Bay, Dining at Al Frisco, and Haven’t the Foggiest

I still haven’t quite determined which to live with for the next month, but I’m leaning towards blue apparently!   Does anyone else have this problem of the ‘life or death’ polish decision???


2 thoughts on “Feeling Blue on a Wall of Color

  1. Jenni, I often have the same problem picking out a color for my nails…there are often times when I go 3-4 weeks between my appointments too! It’s all my fault…I’m lazy! There I said it! So, I have to pick a color that will coordinate with the season and all of my outfits for at least 3 weeks! What’s a girl to do? Ask her nail tech! So, yesterday I went “blue” too…with a little “fade” action! My gal is so great! She is very creative and always does what I ask! She always has great ideas and sometimes it’s a surprise to both of us what my nails are gonna look like! Lol! They are always perfect….of course! On a “non-nail” note, yesterday my tech and I were talking about a project she has started and she said it might be something good for me! She so inspired me that I have signed up! That’s just step one! I’ll admit I’m not great at “projects”, but I really want to give this one a shot! Warning: I may be calling 24/7 for advice! Lol! Thanks for not only being the best nail tech ever, but for being a really great friend too!

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