About Me

During the day I get paid to “nail” women (and the occasional man), and at night I play with needles.  My name is Jenni Cloud, and welcome to my world.

In my opinion, it is never okay to roam the earth naked.  In fact “going naked” annoys me!  As a Nail Technician in downtown Indianapolis, I find there to be far too many colors to just go “nude”.  So paint the town red…or blue or pink or green!  You get the idea.  And while you’re at it…pile on the glitter.  That way if your personality doesn’t sparkle, your nails can!  😉


Besides polishing the lives of my clients, I help to buff and shape other Nail Professionals as an Education Ambassador for CND (my fav nail company).  I can be found throughout Indiana or any of the surrounding states holding classes for other enthusiastic Nail Techs.

Outside of the wonderful world of nails (as stated earlier), I play with needles…knitting needles.   Besides being relaxing at the end of the day, it’s again about the colors!  Love the colors and textures of yarn!


Oh, I’m also a wife and mother of 2 girls (12& 8), a 11 month old female beagle/black and tan coon hound mix, a 7 month old male pointer mix, and 4 adorable guinea pigs.  God has definitely blessed me with a  great many things!  So why not enjoy the many colors in our lives…and don’t forget the glitter! ;



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