Nail Care Tips

I thought it would be a great idea to have a list of nail related facts & tips in a stationary page as opposed to a post that everyone would have to search. The idea is to help out those who like to do their own manicures as well as those who would like to know if the professional they frequent knows what they’re doing. 😉

I will more than likely add to this list over time and not in one sitting. So be sure to visit again!
CND files in a cup
1. Choosing a nail file:
There are many different types of nail files and grits (the roughness factor) to choose. If you are filing your natural God-given nail, you want to use a file that is on the fine end of the spectrum. Ideally a file with a grit of 240 is the best option! You can go with a higher number, but NEVER go with a lower number like 180/100/etc. If you do, you will tear the fibers in the nail plate and cause damage.
(Please feel free to comment or message me, if you have any questions.)
bunch of pushers
2. Pushing back cuticles:
As you can see by the picture, there are also many different tools to use for cuticle work. Besides what is pictured, there are also orange wood sticks and a similar plastic version that can be sanitized. When pushing back cuticles, you need to proceed with the utmost caution and care. Pushing into the nail plate will cause damage to the nail plate. Pushing too hard into the cuticle area can also cause damage. Technically the cuticle is the living tissue at the base of the nail. It’s job is to keep a seal to protect against bacteria entering under that skin and causing an infection. Pushing too hard will break that seal! So apply light pressure during this step.
Mehaz nippers
3. Trimming cuticles:
This is where there might be a little controversy! Some people disagree with “cutting cuticles”. I personally feel it’s okay…as long as you are educated on the subject and know what you are doing. 😉 Many consumers think they’re supposed to cut the true cuticle, and some professionals do too (sadly). Basically it comes down to understanding all of the skin around the nail plate…what is it?/what’s its purpose?/etc. To help illustrate this, I have included a video titled What and Where is Cuticle?  This video was created by a fellow Education Ambassador for CND (Creative Nail Design), Holly Schippers aka the Fingernailfixer.


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