Fifth Third Bank Party Nails

Fifth Third Bank Party Nails

One of my clients works at Fifth Third, and they were having a company party the other day. So we wanted to use their colors as the basis for this fun French! These nails were created with CND Retention+ Liquid & Powder. The colors used for the tips were Venique’s Ballerina Blues & Galoshes Glow (which has a greener tint in person). Then I covered all of the nails with one coat of Venique’s Glitters Of Fun. Very fun & festive!

Smile: Our New Emoticons Have Arrived!

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Fan of smileys? :) We are. That’s why we just redesigned them to be cleaner, simpler, bigger, more expressive, and modern.

;) :D

These new smileys are actually vector graphics, so they’ll stay crisp if you zoom in on your page. They’ll also stay sharp on high-resolution mobile displays.

8-) :star:

To find out how to use an emoticon appearing in this post, just hover over it and you’ll see which characters produce it. We’re working on expanding our collection, so stay tuned for more smiley fun.

XD >:D :( :'( :| :/ :o :P >:( O_o ^^’ <3

If you’re not a fan of smileys, that’s okay! You can always turn them off and on in your dasbhoard under Settings  Writing. We hope you’ll have fun with these. Smile!

Bonus: We also created a few secret emoticons for you to discover. Good luck finding them! ;)


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Spring Forward PLEASE!

I noticed the other day that it’s been a bit since my last post. I sincerely apologize for my lack dedication lately!  I’ll try not to let it happen again.

Today I worked an event for CND at my local supply store. It was a Playstation, which means I get to…

  • demonstrate how to use any of the awesome products that CND created
  • troubleshoot with Nail Techs
  • network with Nail Techs, Cosmetologists & the sales peeps in the store

But the best part is that I get to play with color!  It’s virtually limitless on what you can do with CND Shellac & their Additives!!!  (I also messed around with Brisa Lite and Vinylux with the Additives, but I prefer to use Shellac.)

Shellac - Open Road 2014

Shellac – Open Road 2014

Of course the majority of my “playtime” consisted of using the new spring collection pictured above, because I’m DYING for this winter to be over!!!  Anyone else???  I even did my own nails last Friday according to that thought…

Shellac Sun Bleached w/ accent nail

The colors used:

  • 2 coats of Sun Bleached on all nails
  • Using a fan brush, I feathered Mint Convertible from the outside in on the left side & Desert Poppy from the outside in on the right side.
  • Next I used the fan brush to lightly feather Sage Scarf over the Mint Convertible & Sun Bleached over the Desert Poppy.
  • After that I burnished a lemon glitter additive over the right side of the nail & Green Mirage additive over the left side of the nail
  • Lastly, Shellac Top Coat

What do you think of the Open Road collection by CND?  Would you wear this design on your nails?  Be on the lookout for my upcoming posts containing the pics of my “playtime” from today’s Playstation!

Daily Prompt- Teaching

CND Vinylux & OPI Spring 2014

I’ve been reading a lot of nail related blogs lately, and it’s been quite enjoyable!  Most of them swatch polish/lacquer lines and give the readers their opinions on wearability (difficulty to use, how many coats it took to get the correct color, etc.).

Considering all of the spring collections are out, I thought I’d share a couple of links I enjoyed.  I decided to go with the 2 most popular brands that are carried in the local salons.  After all, why recreate my own when these lovely ladies have already done a beautiful job?!

  • First up there’s Cynthia at Of Life And Lacquer.  I really loved all the swatches that she did of the new OPI Brazil Collection Spring/Summer 2014.  It contains not only the full 12 shade in the regular collection but the 4 liquid sand shades as well!  We currently have the 12 color display at No. 7 Salon and Spa, but my mini liquid sand set is still unfortunately on backorder from my local supply store.  Grrr
  • Next I have Karen from BeautyGeeks with her swatches of The Open Road Collection of Vinylux by CND.   Although I find her swatches and the colors themselves to be beautiful, I disagree with her review of wear that she did in a different post.  As a Nail Professional for almost 16 years and a user of CND Vinylux since day 1, I have consistently had amazing results on my clients!  For a review similar to my results with Vinylux, check out Michelle from All Lacquered Up!

So what do you think of the OPI Brazil Collection and the CND Open Road Vinylux Collection for spring 2014?  Will you wear any of them?  Which are your favorite?

Super Bowl & Valentine’s Day Nails

There are various ways to express your sense of style…choice of clothing, how you style your hair, or the make-up you wear (or don’t wear for that matter). Then you can accessorize! This can literally be done from head to toe. As I shared a couple posts ago:

Nails are the period at the end of a sentence. They complete the look.

– Prabal Gurung

Nails most definitely complete the look!

This client completed her Super Bowl look by showing her support for the Denver Broncos. (Actually her allegiance truly lies with Peyton Manning since he used to play for our Indianapolis Colts!)
Peyton Pride

Another client this week wanted “the period at the end of her sentence” to have a sort of “rocker” effect. By the help of CND and their fabulous Shellac, she will get to “rock on” for the next 2 weeks chip free!
Black & Silver Rocker Look

And then there were other clients this week that were in the mood for love and wanted their punctuation to have a little heart…
Be My Valentine!
French Valentine

How do you express your sense of style? Do you use your nails to add that final punch to your look?

New Page Added!

I decided to start doing a little “revamping” of the pages I originally created for this site a couple years ago. I deleted the Nails I’ve Done page and the Toes I’ve Done page. My thoughts were… If you want to see the pictures of my work, you can link through my Facebook page Jenni’s Nails or my Instagram account Jenni’s Nails.
I felt like a page on Nail Care Tips would be more important at this time. I will be adding different tips periodically, so be sure to come back and take a look! I’ll try to remember to post when there are changes made to it too. Soooo here it is… Nail Care Tips.
What do you think about this change? Are there any topics you would like me to include for the future?